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    广州uwin app园林景观工程有限公司是uwin app企业总部,uwin app创始于2004年,集规划、设计、研发、生产、制作、施工和服务为一体的园林景观、主题包装、艺术景观、艺术产品的大型品牌企业(自己有出口权),是一家集团式企业暨属下:“湖南省海基园林城市景观策划建设有限公司” “广州uwin app园林景观工程有限公司” “广州白云区uwin app仿真植物厂” “上海永州uwin app工艺品有限公司” “湖南永州uwin app仿真植物厂”“香港uwin app工艺有限公司” “韩国uwin app分公司”"意大利uwin app分公司"等多家全资子公司。目前企业占地总面积达8万多平方米,企业总员工千余人,总资产5亿元,年销售8亿元,品牌价值20亿。客户遍布全球100多个国家和地区。uwin app企业主要规划、设计及施工园林景观、主题包装、艺术造园、艺术产品等,专业开发仿真植物花卉及大型仿真园林树木等,主要适用于旅游地产、主题公园、水上乐园和公共空间等。

    uwin app独特创新的艺术风格及精湛的生产制作工艺打造了行业先锋,以假乱真,无论近视远观触摸局部都难辨真假。uwin app项目风吹雨打雪压都不变形,日晒雨淋不褪色,抗老化等优点成为行业领头羊。uwin app一直以来以市场信息为依据,客户至上的原则,组织实地考察多次往返于国内外大型热带雨林地区,不断开发出物美价廉的畅销产品。目前我们的市场覆盖率名列前茅,至今创下了3000多个令人瞩目的工程,在国内有中国世博会世博馆及中国馆、中国广州亚运会、方特欢乐世界、恒大地产集团、世茂房地产集团、三一重工、新天地商场、亚洲最大机场广州白云国际机场、上海浦东国际机场、上海迪士尼乐园、喜来登酒店集团、豪生国际酒店集团、全球最大的单体建筑2013全球《财富》论坛成都环球中心、亚洲最高摩天轮的澳门新地标澳门新濠影汇、宁波环球中心、昆明七彩云南花之城商业中心、大连香洲温泉公园和西安水魔方;在国际上有非洲联盟会议中心、世界最大的商场迪拜商场、印度最大的商场SHREE BALAJI AGORA MALL、日本神户立须海滨水上乐园、越南最大水上乐园、韩国庆州水上乐园、朝鲜平壤100周年博物馆和澳大利亚海滨度假等一系列标榜工程。


    Established in 2004,HaiHong is a famous enterprise of artificial plans and landscape architecture can handle the whole  processes of every project from planning, design, R&D, manufacturing, installation, construction, to after-sale services.  HaiHong has several wholly-owned subsidiaries: Hunan Haiji Landscape Planning and Construction Co.,Ltd.,; Guangzhou Haihong Landscape Engineering Co., Ltd.,; Guangzhou Baiyun Haihong Artificial Plant Manufactory; Shanghai Yalin Landscape Engineering Co., Ltd.,; Shanghai Yongzhou Haihong Arts and Crafts Co.,Ltd.,; Hunan Yongzhou Haihong Artificial Plant Factory; Hong Kong Haihong Gongyi Co., Ltd.,; Korea Haihong Branch etc.. Now Haihong enterprise covers an area of more than 80,000 m2, with thousands of employees and total assets of RMB 500 million. Haihong has customers in more than 100 countries and regions all over the world. Haihong specialized in planning and design landscaping architectures. And also specializes in the development and production of artificial plants and folwers as well as large artificial landscape plants, which are used for toursm, real estate, theme parks, water parks,public spaces,etc.

    With our unique and innovative artistic style and exquisite producion craft, we are pioneers of the industry. It is hard to tell the difference between the real one and our products. Our products in every project can standstill under bad weather and will not deform or fade. Therefore, we have become the leade of the industry.We have an excellent design team.We always to analyse the market information and the customers,opinions seriously. We,ve organized field visits to most tropical rainforest in the world and continuously developed excellent products with reasonable price. Currently,we have the largest marker share in the industry and have completed over3,000 high-profile projects. Domestic projects include the World Expo Pavilion and the China Pavilion,China Guangzhou Asian Games,Fantawild Adventure Park,Evergrande Real Estate Group,Shimao Property Group,Sany Heavy lndustry,New Field Plaza, Guangzhou Baiyun international Airport (Asia,s Largest Airport),Shanghai Pudong International Airport, Shanghai Disney land,Sheraton Hotel Group,Howard Johnson Hotel Group,2013 Fortune Global Forum (Largest Individual Construction in the World),Chengdu Global Center,The Xinhao Hotel in Macau, Ningbo Global Center,Colorful Yunnan Commercial Center in Kunming,Dalian Sweetland Hot Springs Park and Xi,an Water Rubik,s Cube. Overseas projects include the Conference Center of the African Union; Dubai Mall (the World,s Largest Shopping Mall); Shree Balaji Agora Mall (India,s Largest Mall); Kobe-based Suma Aqualife Park in Japan; Vietnam’s Largest Water Park; Korea Gyeongju Blue One Waterpsrk; Museum of the 100thAnniversary of Pyongyang, North Korea; beach resorts in Australia and other model projects.

    As a first-class artificial landscape enterprise in China that integrates planning,design,R&D, manufacturing,installation, construction and after-sale services. We always follow the principle of “contract adherence and credit observance” as well as “customers and quality come first”. We are willing to cooperate with clients at home and abroad to develop together.

    质量是企业永恒的主题,制造工艺是产品质量的最好保障。uwin app企业享有“质量、环境、安全”一体化的生产工艺,无论质量还是效果都堪称完美的产品,普遍受到海内外青睐。

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